November 5, 2012

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fish on the kitchen cabinet

Being a good housekeeper was once a good thing to be. Something you might take a pride in. Or fail at. But we’ve grown out of all that and value ourselves on much better criteria now. Housewife, housekeeper, nah….

And you’d think we’d all be experts at doing the shopping; we seem to do an awful lot of it. How can we fail? […continue reading…]

"Very poor writing this"...from Telegraph comments on an article

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I wonder when anyone ever feels they have arrived, and whether they ever do and how would they know?

I don’t suppose anyone is going to reply to this saying ‘I have’ so it’ll have to be reflections from the ‘not made it’ side.

If I think about it I have to concede that many people in the very tiny world of gardens would be likely to think I have made it and should shut up […continue reading…]