Sex on the television – or a table…

April 5, 2012

Sex on television is different. I don’t mean from sex on the table or the floor, I mean from other things you watch. I may be peculiar but I always find it a bit voyeuristic and embarrassing. This means it leaps out of the ‘text,’ as it were, as a particular – and maybe peculiar […]

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Advice and helpful suggestions

April 1, 2012

Domestic life is full of minor problems and inconveniences. And I’m a addicted problem solver. So as soon as something irritates me I start thinking about how to avoid the irritation. Well, not always quite as soon as – I had clothes hangers all caught up with one another in a totally infuriating tangled heap […]

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March 29, 2012

The best relationship in the world has to be one where I don’t feel any need to be careful. No need to be checking before I speak, wondering what will this person think of me saying that? Will it upset them? Will they understand me? Will I sound stupid? Even in the best relationship in the […]

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Do singles want to eat (and drink) with couples?

March 18, 2012

We are hoping to make a new friend. Well, that is an anxiety provoking and delicate business, and worthy of a great deal of thought. But here is just one aspect of it – do couples ask single people to dinner on their own? We met A. at a party and she got in touch […]

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I will never be thin

March 9, 2012

Why do I care? Why do I mind what I look like? Why do I want to look better than I do? I have discovered that that is a very difficult question to answer. 

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Why embarrass everyone?

March 4, 2012

I’ve learnt two things so far from this blog. One is that it’s all very well keeping my entries short but if I’m lucky enough to get responses in the form of comments, brevity goes out of the window. But the dialogue is fascinating and enormously helpful. Helpful at what?

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February 24, 2012

We have the bloodiest rows. Fortunately not ever actually bloody but too near for comfort. I think he starts it; he thinks it’s me. But truly it is a mutual process, because if I am critical of Charles (in a particular – but just what? – way) he goes demented. Though it usually starts with […]

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Philosophy and Appreciation

February 22, 2012

(apologies for poor pictures – taken in poor light in the Rose and Crown, Tintern) For the past twenty years a group of people have gathered once a month in a local pub in Tintern to talk philosophy. The group was led and formed by Hatti Pegram and the philosopher Ray Billington.

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How am I doing?

February 20, 2012

We all have our endless witterings to ourselves, the noise in the head. Mine is preoccupied with ‘how am I doing?‘

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How long should a blog be?

February 14, 2012

 I have a collection of blogs slipping into my inbox regularly. I got email notifications for them so I wouldn’t miss them – but then I don’t read them. But then there is one I do read regularly. Why? Well, it’s nearly always entertaining, but more than that, I know it will be short. A […]

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