Nothing like a good cry?

June 29, 2012

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Last night I watched people weeping on tv. It was a programme about how families lived in Edwardian times but seemed to be a programme about how to make people weep. Tears dripped at every opportunity.

One man wept at discovering one of his ancestors had died of tuberculosis. Then he, or another, wept because Edwardian fathers didn’t fondle their children. Then one wept at the theatre because his family weren’t at the theatre with him.

The children wept because their father asked them politely to wash their hands before supper. A mother wept because a nanny appeared and relieved her of looking after her children for the day. The whole programme was flooded with tears.

Where on earth does all this spare grief come from? I remember seeing a relative weep at his grandmother’s funeral and then congratulate himself upon his efforts. Has weeping at will become an essential social skill?

Maybe it’s the weather?

From the wardrobe copyright Anne Wareham

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