June 26, 2012

in Two of us

Which is the biggest bit?

We all know that marriage is about loving and sharing. That must be about equal sharing, of course? Well, sure, if you win the lottery you’d split it, no problem. But what about the little things? Have you ever sneaked the best bit when you’re serving the food out of sight in the kitchen? Ever kept the biggest bit of chocolate or nicked the last glass out of the bottle?

It might be shocking to reflect on, and there must be strict limits. Taking the last piece of anything absolutely treasured by your partner is clearly a divorceable offence. But think about the reverse too.

If no-one is watching, and there you are carefully putting the best piece of steak on your partner’s plate all unbeknownst to them, so with no hope of grateful appreciation – isn’t that a bit too perfect?? Slightly… teacher’s pet ish?

And isn’t it worse to be generous and then demand appreciation?

Bowl, copyright Anne Wareham

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