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Cheese or pudding first??

October 2, 2012

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Charles has just been to France. One of the results is he has waved a flag for an old, not quite resolved tension. Which is: pudding or cheese first??

Understand: pudding is for guests and on normal days cheese is an optional extra for the greedy or still, somehow, peckish after the main (=only) course. This is an eating with friends issue.

We cheerfully had our cheese last with friends until one of them, one fateful and dreadful day (or, rather, evening) demanded his cheese before the pudding: in our house.

This went down badly me with me. For many reasons, the biggest of which might have been being told what to do. But I am on the English side. See the Guardian and Telegraph, noting with interest the wonderful way in which the Guardian does dessert (which I must admit I  thought was only served at a Little Chef) and the Telegraph, pudding. (on reflection I also associate dessert with loads of sugariness and artificiality, pudding with a good, home made err… pudding..)

Thereafter I ceased to offer the delinquent cheese demanding guest any cheese at all. And his sensitive, tactful wife serves them as near simultaneously as is possible.

But there are mutterings in this house from the Francophile husband. (sigh) Not big mutterings, just murmurs of discontent. He knows that the biggest issue for me is actually that I like to reach the point in the meal when anxiety gives over to pure pleasure, and that is not really until the pudding is served and is satisfactory. Having served my mother in law Apple Crumble Porridge one awful time, you may understand. (Someone put it in the oven with a lid on)

And as Charles loves my puddings he is likely to sit on this one in deference to the pudding making. But he’s not happy. And I’m not going French.

What to do? Maybe time to revive the old English savoury??

Cheeses - when will they be eaten..


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