Two of us

Tea plate

We recently made two new friends (I hope… I trust..). We met them at supper at another friend’s house and since then we have all continued to meet as a group. This has been great.

But I think that you can’t really get to know someone and solidify a friendship within a group. Perhaps you could over years? But conversations amongst six or so people are different than one to ones or even between two couples. […continue reading…]

Once upon a time – no, this is true. Once I had a friend with a very sweet small boy, and I watched his mother bringing him up from when he was a baby.

She never, ever just said ‘no’. Everything he was to do or was not to do was carefully explained to him with the reasons. Everything had reasons. It was very tedious. But it was worse than that – this poor child was being brought up to be tyrannised by reasonableness. Somehow a great many of us have arrived at the conclusion that being reasonable is a total virtue and that everything we should do should be reasonable. […continue reading…]

We have just heard that Charles’ employer is planning to cut his salary (and hence his pension some day too…) very drastically in the name of cost cutting. We were just planning our holiday, and although this won’t affect that directly as it won’t happen for a little while, it cast a cloud.

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Charles has just been to France. One of the results is he has waved a flag for an old, not quite resolved tension. Which is: pudding or cheese first??

Understand: pudding is for guests and on normal days cheese […continue reading…]


Necklaces - presents you think?

There may be one thing worse than having to produce the happy surprise response to a surprise birthday or Christmas present (acting lessons, anyone? – I mean it doesn’t matter really whether you love it or not, […continue reading…]

Alone – or lonely?

September 10, 2012

  People understand loneliness. If they know someone is alone they may respond by offering company for comfort and will almost certainly worry about them. People are not quite so clued up about those of us who suffer easily from over exposure to people. I don’t know how people have coped in the past, when privacy […]

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July 7, 2012

There really isn’t any joy in someone feeling bad, even if they have been…. horrid.. I mean, it was really gratifying

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June 26, 2012

We all know that marriage is about loving and sharing. That must be about equal sharing, of course? Well, sure, if you win the lottery you’d split it, no problem. But what about the little things? Have you ever sneaked the best bit when you’re serving the food out of sight in the kitchen?

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Family or friends?

May 1, 2012

This is another special request post! (Sounds good but I really only have two and a half readers really and one of them is married to me). It’s for a post about birthdays – I had one recently. Particularly about celebrating them, or perhaps not, since they are just about adding another year, which must […]

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To have children? Or not bother?

April 12, 2012

This is a special request blog post. How about that?? I’ve been asked to consider the issue of having – or perhaps not having – children. We chose not to. And perhaps the starkest thing about this is that I have never once, for one moment, regretted not having children. I wonder how many parents […]

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