November 5, 2012

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fish on the kitchen cabinet

Being a good housekeeper was once a good thing to be. Something you might take a pride in. Or fail at. But we’ve grown out of all that and value ourselves on much better criteria now. Housewife, housekeeper, nah….

And you’d think we’d all be experts at doing the shopping; we seem to do an awful lot of it. How can we fail? […continue reading…]

Charles has just been to France. One of the results is he has waved a flag for an old, not quite resolved tension. Which is: pudding or cheese first??

Understand: pudding is for guests and on normal days cheese […continue reading…]

Physalis  in a bowl

OK – I confess, I’m not sure I’ll find 10. It’s just that thing about people loving lists and I expect that will bring hundreds of people flocking in…

But greed and appetite haunt us, don’t they? […continue reading…]

How am I doing?

February 20, 2012

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We all have our endless witterings to ourselves, the noise in the head. Mine is preoccupied with ‘how am I doing?[…continue reading…]