July 2012

"Very poor writing this"...from Telegraph comments on an article

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I wonder when anyone ever feels they have arrived, and whether they ever do and how would they know?

I don’t suppose anyone is going to reply to this saying ‘I have’ so it’ll have to be reflections from the ‘not made it’ side.

If I think about it I have to concede that many people in the very tiny world of gardens would be likely to think I have made it and should shut up […continue reading…]



This is a popular little saw, and frequently applied to difficulties in relationships. It can be totally pernicious. Consider how many people you know in the world, or hear about, who are just plain awful. Bullying, violent, dishonest, addicted, inconsiderate, self centered, axe murderers (OK -I’ve been watching too much Scandinavian television..)

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July 7, 2012

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Bridget's gift

There really isn’t any joy in someone feeling bad, even if they have been…. horrid..

I mean, it was really gratifying […continue reading…]