June 2012

Last night I watched people weeping on tv. It was a programme about how families lived in Edwardian times but seemed to be a programme about how to make people weep. Tears dripped at every opportunity.

One man wept at discovering one of his ancestors had died of tuberculosis. […continue reading…]


June 26, 2012

in Two of us

Which is the biggest bit?

We all know that marriage is about loving and sharing. That must be about equal sharing, of course? Well, sure, if you win the lottery you’d split it, no problem. But what about the little things? Have you ever sneaked the best bit when you’re serving the food out of sight in the kitchen? […continue reading…]


June 11, 2012

in Miscellaneous, Personal

We all do it. We all think we shouldn’t but we would be very odd if we didn’t and we do do it: categorise people on sight.

Age, race, gender – willy nilly (wonderful expression) we label.

And then comes along the internet and social media – and we can suddenly potentially all talk to each other free of such filters. We can communicate without anyone knowing about our age, gender, peculiar proclivities, disabilities or amazing beauty– we can get away with anything. We can communicate anonymously […continue reading…]