March 2012

The best relationship in the world has to be one where I don’t feel any need to be careful. No need to be checking before I speak, wondering what will this person think of me saying that? Will it upset them? Will they understand me? Will I sound stupid?

Even in the best relationship in the world (ahem…) this possibility of not having to think twice before opening my mouth may change from day to day. […continue reading…]

We are hoping to make a new friend.

Well, that is an anxiety provoking and delicate business, and worthy of a great deal of thought. But here is just one aspect of it – do couples ask single people to dinner on their own?

We met A. at a party and she got in touch after saying it had been good to meet  (that was delightful and such a great start) – and we went on to have supper together, the three of us, in a local pub. […continue reading…]

I will never be thin

March 9, 2012

in Personal

Why do I care? Why do I mind what I look like? Why do I want to look better than I do?

I have discovered that that is a very difficult question to answer.  […continue reading…]

I’ve learnt two things so far from this blog. One is that it’s all very well keeping my entries short but if I’m lucky enough to get responses in the form of comments, brevity goes out of the window.

But the dialogue is fascinating and enormously helpful.

Helpful at what? […continue reading…]