February 2012


February 24, 2012

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We have the bloodiest rows. Fortunately not ever actually bloody but too near for comfort.

I think he starts it; he thinks it’s me. But truly it is a mutual process, because if I am critical of Charles (in a particular – but just what? – way) he goes demented. Though it usually starts with a miserable slow burn. […continue reading…]

(apologies for poor pictures – taken in poor light in the Rose and Crown, Tintern)

For the past twenty years a group of people have gathered once a month in a local pub in Tintern to talk philosophy. The group was led and formed by Hatti Pegram and the philosopher Ray Billington. […continue reading…]

How am I doing?

February 20, 2012

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We all have our endless witterings to ourselves, the noise in the head. Mine is preoccupied with ‘how am I doing?[…continue reading…]

 I have a collection of blogs slipping into my inbox regularly. I got email notifications for them so I wouldn’t miss them – but then I don’t read them.

But then there is one I do read regularly. Why? Well, it’s nearly always entertaining, but more than that, I know it will be short. A two minute read. 

I can do that. Maybe I can also do a two minute write..

Bedroom Wallcovering, picture copyright AnneWareham

There are many reasons you might find Valentine’s day makes you feel guilty, but perhaps the great unspoken one is sex. […continue reading…]