10 reasons why greed is good

August 13, 2012

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OK – I confess, I’m not sure I’ll find 10. It’s just that thing about people loving lists and I expect that will bring hundreds of people flocking in…

But greed and appetite haunt us, don’t they? They make us fat and they make us feel bad, so we are used to trying to rein them in.

Then I noticed the other day that Charles is greedier than me sometimes and he gets more for it: it makes him respond to an offer by asking for more, whereas if I get an offer I say ‘hurray’ and leave it at that.

Having started that train of thought I then started thinking about how when we get old our horizons so often shrink. People may be reluctant to engage with computers, or if they do that, they may look with deep suspicion at a Kindle or the conveniences of cloud computing. And look down an ancient nose at a blog or a tweet.

How are we to prevent ourselves joining that shrinking world as we get older? Well, I realise that one thing that keeps me after new tech is …greed. I want more, I want better, I want the latest and I want it now! Tough, I know, when I can’t afford it, but life has always been like that. A little deferment clarifies how much I really want it..

And I realise that that appetite, that greed, is part of what keeps us alive. Greed not just for new tech, but new experiences, new ideas, new people, new foods.

We need greed.

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PS Did you read this because it had ’10 reasons’ ?!

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